z score standardisation using categorical variable


I want to perform a z-score standardisation to be able to compare slaughterdata of several lines (in easy terms: different breeds) of pigs.
I found the following formula to calculate the z-score standardisation:

scipy.stats.zscore(a, axis=0, ddof=0, nan_policy=’propagate’)

However, I cannot understand how to do this if you want to use the average of a slaughter_variable of each linetype seperately as axis value. (where axis is the axis along which to calculate z-score).

As I have 12 different linetypes and around 20 different slaugther_variables I prefer to not programm and calculate everything seperately.

Is there anybody who has an idea to solve this problem


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So you just want to do a conditional standardization? Meaning, standardize a bunch of continuous variables based on what category they are in?

Seem like you may be using Python?