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Hello there!
could you help me to show or explain how to run this formula in Spss step by step? Thank you in advance.
My background of Statistic is not good :(

Munificence to be obtained by:
a. Regressing time against sales of industry over the previous 10 years
of period and;

b.Taking the ratio of the regression slope coefficient to the mean value of sales over the same period.
Can you help me with stats and probability.
State whether the following are true or false and give a brief explanation. Explain true/false answer
i. Skewness of a distribution cannot be determined from a boxplot.
ii. For any event A, it is possible for P(A) + P(Ac
) < 1, where Ac denotes
the complement set.
iii. A standardised normal random variable has a standard deviation equal to
I run binary model: one category has 112 sample size and other has only 28, does it create problem due to vast difference in sample size between categories?
Pls I need help so to this
A) Searching for optimality in a rapidly changing world is like chasing a shadow the optimum changes as our perception changes.
B) The Operational Research Society's definition of Operational Research does not mention optimization yet most Operational Research technique assumes it
Comment on the above statements giving examples why it might. Not be appropriate to seek